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Committed to Providing Great Customer Service

About Us

Even though Elite Roof Vacuuming is a small family-owned business, its beliefs and ideals are enormous.

Our company’s founder, Bill, brings years of experience working with reputable larger roofing companies. He brings wisdom and manpower to Elite. Starting at a young age with shingling small residential roofs, he then worked on flat industrial rooftops as well as steel and metal. Bill has been professionally vacuuming larger flat roofs for more than 7 years.

However, he has many more years of experience working on larger construction projects and specifically working at heights. Working with tight deadlines, being knowledgeable about safe work practices in dangerous situations, and getting the job done properly have made Bill a leader in the vacuuming industry.

He has teamed up with his spouse, Megan, to start his own roof vacuuming company, providing service to all of Ontario. Their dedication to providing great customer service is their top priority. It is important that Elite operates in the most environmentally friendly manner and is contributing to the community that continues to support Elite and its future endeavors.

Elite Roof Vacuuming is looking forward to working with you!

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